Here are some of the comments that former clients, attorneys, and judges have made about Attorney DeVonna Joy and Consumer Justice Law Center, LLC:

“There is a person of quality, compassion, and principle who deeply believes in and works for equal justice; who gives with generosity, not only with her head but with her heart; and whose dedication and commitment to pro bono has been unremitting. It is evident not only from her hard work, but in the way she does her work, that she deeply cares about the causes she espouses. Her mantra is: ‘The principles at stake require justice.’ I’ve heard her say this many a time.”

Honorable Mary Triggiano, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge. (Remarks made at the Volunteer Lawyers Project Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Waukesha County Bar Association and Legal Action of Wisconsin, where DeVonna Joy was recipient of the 2001 Volunteer Lawyers Project’s “Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney Award”)

Attorney DeVonna Joy, thanks for a job well done. You are truly a hero. I appreciate your help and generosity in solving my case, which was absolutely a challenging and lengthy battle to bring justice where due, and you did it. I always wanted to say THANK YOU for your help and dedication you have done for my family and me. You are the greatest…I wish you well on your success.

Former Client Chiquita Jeffery, Milwaukee Wisconsin

I have had the privilege of working very closely with DeVonna since she opened the Consumer Justice Law Center. We enjoy a friendship and professional relationship. I have learned much from her, and I admire her greatly. It is marvelous that you have chosen to recognize her dedication to serving low income consumers. If you know DeVonna, you know that she works for all of her clients as if their case was her own. I know of no more ardent advocate. She brings integrity, intelligence, and passion to each and every person she represents. It doesn’t matter if her client is paying her no fee, a small fee, or $200 an hour. DeVonna gives them all the same professional, skilled representation. DeVonna has a commitment to justice which no doubt fuels her desire to serve individuals who cannot afford an attorney. She sees the bigger picture of the monumental need for lawyers to provide services to those without meaningful access to our justice system, and she is doing her best to address that need.

Attorney Mary Fons, Stoughton, WI, (Remarks made at 2002 Awards Ceremony, where DeVonna Joy was recipient of the Wisconsin Association For Women Lawyers Pro Bono Award)

Many thanks for delivering us from the Peppertree Resorts timeshare ordeal. Perhaps we can go on a much needed real vacation. We really appreciate everything you have done for us. Best wishes in all your endeavors. Keep up your good work!

Former clients Andy and Charlene Stewart, Rogers, MN

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