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We assist consumers throughout Wisconsin in obtaining consumer protection remedies, through settlement or litigation in court. We are experienced and effective in getting results for you.

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Debt collection harassment
Have you been harassed, threatened, abused, or mistreated by a bill collector in the past year?  You may be able to receive compensation, as well as an award to pay your attorney’s fees and costs.

Credit report errors
Is there a error on your credit report that is preventing you from obtaining credit, employment, insurance, or is causing you to pay more for credit or insurance? Is there information on your credit report belonging to someone else mixed in with your credit information?  We may be able to help.

Credit repair or Debt Settlement
Has a person or for-profit organization promised to clean up or improve or repair your bad credit? Did they take money from you for doing so before they completely performed their services?  Did they promise to pay your creditors and take your money, leaving you with worse credit than before and bill collectors still hounding you and perhaps suing you?

Identity theft
Have you been the victim of identity theft? Is a creditor or collection agency trying to make you pay a bill on an account that is not yours? Do you want information on how to minimize the risk that you will be a victim of identity theft?

Have you bought a timeshare in Wisconsin within the past six years? Did the sales representative make any false or misleading statements that caused you to buy the timeshare? Did the sales representative tell you that the price or incentives were only available that day? Were you told that the timeshare was a financial investment?

Automobile fraud and lemon law
Has an automobile dealer cheated you or lied to you before you bought a car in the last year? Has your odometer been rolled back? Were you sold a rebuilt wreck or a lemon?

Warranty problems
Did you buy something with a warranty, such as a car or other vehicle, vacuum cleaner, sports equipment, wheelchair, or other consumer product, that has failed during the warranty period through no fault of yours? Has the warrantor refused to honor the warranty?

Other scams and consumer violations
Has a home improvement contractor misrepresented its goods, identity, price or other material aspects of a home improvement contract? Has a car repair shop charged you for unauthorized repairs? Have you been ripped off by a telephone solicitor or door-to-door salesperson? Has a landlord wrongfully refused to return your security deposit within 21 days after you surrendered the residential rental unit? During a sales presentation, has a seller promised anything of value in exchange for referring friends and relatives, without giving you the compensation up front? Have you been the victim of other consumer fraud, scams, or consumer violations? If you have had these problems or other consumer problems, call for a fee consultation.